Brandy punkter der dækker branding, strategi, design, naming og reklame


Brandy are working within Branding, Strategy, Graphic Design, Naming, Communication, Concept development, Packaging, Advertising and Planning.

Brandy was founded in 2002 and are  built on a deep belive in Brands capability to reinforce manufactures and serviceproviders competitive power. Brandy is working to re-establish Brand-owners overview, and bringing their customers foreward in the frontlines of the never ending market adjustments.

"Through insight, experience and prudence Brandy offers futureminded companies strategy, design and communication in one coordinated and deliberate movement."

We help local, national and international marketers to understand and act on market movements in order to meet a brighter futur for themselves and their products and services.

For further information please contact:

Svend Troests Vej 15
DK-1912 Frederiksberg

T: +45 3332 0807